Ideas are easy enough to come up with. It's the layering of concepts and finding the best talent to build around those ideas that creates compelling story, whether it be for commercials, videos, or television series. Development is is this process. It's where the nuances of HOW stories are going to be told is created. Its where scripts are detailed, one-sheets are drafted, and talent is determined.

We have created a successful development process that goes beyond network and client wants and desires, pairing our years of experience with new and unique storytelling approaches, and captivating talent.

What starts as a simple idea, transforms as a fully-formed and detailed concept in a clear and concise package.

Our specialities include: Reality, Travel, Food, Action, Docu-Series, Extreme Sports, Documentaries, and more.

We view producing as largely a left brain exercise, though there is always room for creativity. Producing is where you look at the totality of what you're trying to create and when you're trying to deliver it, then break that down into several different pieces, loosely organized around: pre-production, production, and post-production. Producing involves assembling and assigning the right team to execute these different steps, and the multitude of tasks within each.

We have been producing media for the past 25 years, in just about every genre imaginable, and in every medium, including television, digital, print, still, mobile, and multimedia. From pro bono projects to multimillion dollar series, we’ve developed a process that pairs the best in production technology with a unmatched depth of experience.

Directing is a more right-brain part of the process. Successful direction includes not only a great understanding of the story and the content that you trying to create, but also expert rapport with crew and talent - whether they be professional actors, or people we just met on the street.

We have directed productions for television series, documentaries, commercials, photo shoots, and more in studios, and across the world, with single-cameras, multiple camera units, and multi-camera live cut productions.

Never content with focusing on one type of work, one type of project, we are always looking to be involved with other types of projects inside and outside of the media realm. This includes food and product photography, new product launches, project financing, fashion, and more.

• Telly Award: "The Right Decision" commercial spot

•  Telly Award: "Good Times" commercial spot

•  Two Davey Awards: "Trust" and "Horsepower Meets Manpower" commercial spots

•  Telly Award: "Trust" commercial spot

•  Golden Pen: "Any Given Latitude" (Fine Living Network)

•  IICS -  Award in Education, The Baby Book CD-ROM (Time Warner Interactive)

We are always looking for talented individuals to add to our growing family. When specific jobs become available, we'll post the requirements below, on this page, and on StaffMeUp. If you'd like to send us your resume, please send it to the address above or e-mail it to Make sure to include a cover letter.

We regret that we cannot respond to all requests.

Looking for Talent

We're always looking for new and unique characters for non-scripted programming (i.e., reality) for a number of shows we're working on. We're also very interested in new ideas with talent attached. Click the link below for more details.


→ Here's what we're current looking for...
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In addition to our main business, we have two separate divisions:

Lumos Imagery

Special Interest Photography and Video: Food, Product, Fashion, Profiles, and more.

A few of the companies we've worked with...