NEW YORK, NEW YORK (March 10, 2004) -24FPS PRODUCTIONS, INC, and AIR SEA LAND PRODUCTIONS INC have wrapped final production on two breakthrough high definition documentaries, On a Single Breath - The Extreme Sport of Freediving, and FreeFlight.

The two one-hour programs, produced for VOOM's Rush HD Network, explore the outer limits of extreme sports, from the underwater world of freediving to the untested horizons of free flight in paragliders and ultralights.

Green-lighted in early November, the production of the documentaries were shot entirely in high definition, and encompassed locations in Kona and Kauai, Hawaii, Miami, Florida and Aspen, Colorado. The programs are currently in heavy-rotation on Rush HD. For program listings, please visit www.voom.tv

On a Single Breath followed the quest of 52-year old Annabel Briseno as she attempted four world records in one week. As the week unfolds it becomes clear that a world record in free diving is a precarious agreement of mind, body and sea that sometimes collapses violently.

In FreeFlight, the philosophy of maximizing the pilot's connection to the heavens by minimizing the aircraft fuels an incredible visual experience along the cliffs of Hawaii and the altitudes of Aspen. The host, a
conventional pilot, was treated to the most thrilling flights of her life by stripping away the airplane and experiencing flight in a new and intense way.

"It was an incredible feat to pair these captivating stories with such stunning visuals, only possible with high definition," said Thomas Strodel, Producer and Director.

The camera crew, led by the Director of Photography and Producer Anthony Lenzo, created the rich look and feel for the documentaries using some of the most advanced and sophisticated camera technology available today. “These two documentaries literally tested the performance of our HD gear in some of the roughest applications....we never had a moment of down-time because of equipment failure” - Anthony Lenzo.

"The productions were a tremendous challenge that was met by a very dedicated crew. The fact that we were able to complete them in such a limited time-frame is testament to our team*s abilities, dedication, and belief in the projects," said Strodel.

The programs will be entered into documentary festivals.

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