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Geared towards the traveler that seeks both luxury and adventure, Destination: takes the viewer to exotic locations and top resorts that offer both. A growing trend in travel today is the desire to experience top-notch food and accommodations while not being isolated from unique locations and experiences. Destination: ventures to high end resorts as well as off the beaten path, to get an understanding of the country, its people, its customs and the adventure travel that is possible there.

In show 1, our host, Sandi Gardiner, meets up with our local guide, Yasmine, for some mountain biking through the canopied rainforests of St. Lucia. After working up a sweat the girls cool off with a little snorkeling at a nearby beach, and discuss some of the history of the island. A tall ship tour is next; Sandi joins “all hands on deck” and gets a taste of what it’s really like to set sail. Once that journey’s over it’s time to plumb the depths; Sandi and a local dive captain scuba through the coral forests and steep slopes of sea mounts off the west coast of the island. Hungry yet? To round out the show, Sandi gets a personal Caribbean cooking lesson from world-renowned chef Orlando Satchell. The show closes with a tour of the amazing three-wall rooms of the Ladera resort.

Show 2 opens with Sandi and Yasmine horseback riding on the rugged, wind-swept eastern coast of St. Lucia. After a sightseeing boat tour and a sip of local rum cocktails, Sandi and Yasmine visit one of the Caribbean’s most vibrant outdoor markets, sampling exotic herbs, fruits, and legendary rainforest potions. Sandi then scuba dives through the shadowy haunts of a wreck, and later joins Yasmine for an authentic St. Lucian family dinner. The two then discover the finer points of rum making - and rum tasting in a tour of St. Lucia Distillers. Show 2 ends with a look at one of the world’s most unique resorts perched between the two Piton mountains, as well as an all-night street party where locals and tourists mingle over rowdy Caribbean beats.

Show 1 premiered on the INHD2 network on December 5, 2004 at 1:30pm and 7:30pm EST. The second part premiered on INHD2, Tuesday, December 7 at 7:30pm EST.

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Adventure Travel Series

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