On a Single Breath: The Extreme Sport of Freediving

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A one-hour documentary about the extreme sport of breath-hold free diving.

Free diving was once a means of gathering food. It’s now an extreme sport in which the human body is pushed to record depths, and sometimes to the point of blackout, while diving on a single breath of air.

We followed Annabel Briseno, a 52-year old grandmother, on her weeklong quest to break world records in four free diving disciplines.

The story is both jubilant and harrowing. As the week unfolds it becomes clear that a world record in free diving is a precarious agreement of mind, body and sea that sometimes collapses violently.

The serene beauty of high definition underwater footage is juxtaposed with the dangers of a sport in which the body must utilize survival reflexes to succeed. In the end, Annabel’s story is one of camaraderie and trust, not only with fellow divers, but with the sea.



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1 X 60:00


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"On a Single Breath" was nominated as an "Official Selection" in the VisionFest 2004 film festival, held June 23-27, 2004, at the Cantor Film Center.

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