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Thomas Strodel, from 24fps Productions directed and produced four episodes of "Health Soup" for the healthy-living network, Veria. Hosted by David Price, and featuring reporting by Ereka Vetrini, and wellness virgin Chelsea White, "Health Soup" is a funny and quirky original digital series that will not only inspire Veria's viewers to live healthier lives, but also prove that laughter is indeed the best medicine. The four videos include:

Celebrity Vegan or Not?
Health Soup host and comedian Dave Price hits the streets to ask pedestrians how to pronounce words like "Qigong," strike unexpected yoga poses and guess which celebrities are vegans.

From Wellness Virgin To Yoga Tramp-oline
Fitness challenged Health Soup reporter Chelsea White gets her "health on" in an unconventional fitness class that pairs up practicing yoga with trampolines.

Need To Know: 4 Tips To Be Flu-Free
Health Soup reporter, Ereka Vetrini, gets the scoop from holistic nutritionist Abra Pappa on best ways to prevent flu and colds -- all year round.

Well Aware: Bad Breath Busters
Find out how to make your bad breath blues go away with these natural tips, in the latest edition of Health Soup.

About Veria
Veria Living is the leading media company devoted to showcasing wellness programming and related content in the United States and beyond. Spearheaded by its forward-thinking Veria Living TV and distribution platforms, the privately held company, based in New York City, offers the world’s largest lineup of new first-run, original programming - connecting viewers in a contemporary and accessible manner to the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle. complements the network by extending the Veria Living philosophy through online recipes and nutrition, holistic health tips, body-mind conditioning and all-natural products. As a company, Veria Living Media passionately advocates or quality and vitality of life.


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