Facebook Upfronts: Lunch on Us

Momentum Worldwide for Facebook


How do you showcase to agency reps that Facebook video delivers 60% more ROI? You offer them special sushi delivery - with rolls that are 60% longer.

We created these series of carousel spots for Momentum Worldwide's Facebook upfront activation, targeting a curated set of agency reps, who intereacted with the videos, ording these special rolls.

The production included food shooting in a working restaurant, in lower Manhattan.

The result was a very successful campaign, creating thousands of high-value impressions.


Commercial, Digital

Episodes | Running Time

1 X :10, 4 X :06


Momentum Worldwide for Facebook


Director: Thomas Strodel
DP: Harry Clark
Camera: Arri Amira
Lenses: Signa HS Primes
Lighting: HMI, LED, and Dedo