Facebook Upfronts: A Great Day to Tell a Story

Momentum Worldwide for Facebook


What kind of storyteller are you? In this video spot we created for Momentum Worldwide's Facebook Upfronts, we turn a street into a showcase of the special items included inside the Story Kit... a curated box of items aimed at helping Facebook videographers become better storytellers.

The shoot included original animation, and set-ups for three types of storytellers: a "lifestylist," a "narrator," and a "maker" done in a "Mannequin Challenge" style.


Commercial, Digital

Episodes | Running Time

1 X :10


Momentum Worldwide for Facebook


Director: Thomas Strodel
DP: Harry Clark
Camera: Arri Amira
Lenses: Signa HS Primes
Lighting: HMI, LED, and Dedo